The process taking place in our conscious and unconscious evolution, conflict of desire versus necessity, the struggle to obtain a sense of place, and the impermanence of our existence are the underlying philosophies and inspiration in my work. Process is the motivator, always striving to reveal, improve upon and understand the methods to the daily mechanisms and madness we all encounter and navigate each day.

Over the last few years my work has evolved into a sort of meditation or evocation of both the beautiful and harsh realities of this world, and the mystery or defeat of what may lie beyond. Each work is a dialogue with the past, present, and future, not at separate instances, but rather all moments happening at once. Each piece bringing me closer to understanding something more about myself, my surroundings, or my place in time. Each piece serving as a warning, an action, and a reflection.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics from Springfield College in 2003, where I also studied Fine Arts techniques and history. Having as great a desire for music and audio as I do the visual arts, I also studied Audio Production at the Art Institute of New England. I keep the two very close and intertwined in my work. 

Currently, in addition to my creative efforts, I serve on the board for Art Nouveau Winston-Salem, instruct mixed-media painting techniques and abstract painting courses/workshops at the Sawtooth School for Visual Arts, and work on creative projects/teams as a freelance artist, designer, and consultant.