• Recent Works

    Collection of recent paintings and projects. (c.2014-2015)
  • NOZA

    NOZA started in 2014 when I was going up North more frequently due to my grandmother falling ill and passing. We each took turns starting and finishing each others sketches to help get us through. There are 2 full sketchbooks + random papers made over a 4 month period that was a catalyst for this new found project and connection. I feel extremely lucky to have this collaboration with my grandfather. The mural work I have done in the last few months has been inspired by these sketches, talks we had, and my own dealings with death and deeper meaning. They are in the true spirit of NOZA and I would not be surprised if my grandmother was even in on their creation.

    Recommended Album: Visions of the Unexcused
  • Apparitions

    Portraits of ghosts + glimpses, Apparitions was an examination of myself, my process and evolution as a painter. at this point I felt as if I was painting ghosts. Maybe this process allowed a bridge into a world that is always just a second's chance away; a day taken for granted.
  • Plates

    Plates is an examination of the process, both in my art and physical self, that I have undergone in the last few years. I started having episodes where a pressure would be in my abdomen, numbness in my hands, feet and jaw, lightness in my chest and head, and in some instances I would pass out. I started going for tests, scans and consultations. In the end, most of it can be attributed to anxiety and I have learned to have a more careful approach to mythoughts and actions. I requested copies of all the scans and images that were available from my tests,and sorted through them looking for parts of myself that I connected with beyond the bone and tissue. These plates are those images, cropped square and printed on PVC media, that I then painted on. While they appear thin and possibly as prints at first glance, they are in fact millimeter thick paintings. Every one of these plates are a piece of me. A piece of my body and a piece of my mind.
  • The New Continent

    Everything is connected, everyone is alive and every moment counts. We drift, we push and pull on each other, and we collide. In this collision, new moments and connections are formed, sometimes old ones are broken. We are constantly in a state of push and pull, between our passions, our instincts and the reality we have so exuberantly imposed upon ourselves. Drifting through life, we are separated by imaginary lines that perpetuate the idea we are all on our own and we must not concern ourselves with the trials and tribulations of others or other countries. We are all people. We are sedimentary compositions of our past. We are plates moving imminently towards our future. We are the earth and all that is inherent within and we need a new continent to wipe the slate and start again.
  • Under The Veil Of Our Domains

    “The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of society forms a determinate system with a life of its own. It can be termed the collective or creative consciousness."

    - Emile Durkheim

    Inspired by the visual representation of what could be considered a glimpse into, or a snapshot of, the collective consciousness (an invisible, boundless web connecting us all) I chose 9 concepts and subjected them to a search engine query. Using only the first 3 pages of image results, I chose 27 images, graphics and other data to be merged and interwoven into a new visual construct that would embody a collective snapshot of that term for myself. To explore these terms forces a self examination of emotions and ideas I confront every day.

    Part of the internal conflict I have with these terms is the versatile way in which the understanding and visualization of a word can be different for each individual, while still being rooted on a common plane we are still able to connect on, but often our true emotion in a moment is not conveyed to the person receiving us. Being that the images are all obtained from the web and were all of different sizes and resolutions, there would naturally be pixelation that would occur when expanding them to a 27" x 27" frame. Pixelation was allowed, only at times, to represent lost and missing information we often are left without. This is only noticeable the closer you are to the image, similar to how we often think we understand something until we are put right in front of it. The pieces were printed for an exhibition at the Electric Moustache gallery at Krankies in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a one time free print and was made on PVC media to remove all pure white and lend a translucent, eeriness to the images.